As a MedChoice policyholder, you are a part of the Physicians Insurance family of companies. We are pleased to provide our quarterly enewsletter – The Physicians Report -- dedicated to sharing practical insights, lessons learned and key market trends to our members. 

William Cotter, CEO

Supporting You in Mitigating Your Risk
I am pleased to introduce this e-edition of The Physicians Report. This revamped member magazine provides practical insights, lessons learned, and information you can use to mitigate risk—now in a brief and convenient online format. This quarter we share Anatomy of an Exoneration, Closing the Loop on Testing, and Support for Physicians During Litigation.
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Anatomy of a Successful Defense
Breaking down the five keys to victory in a recent medical negligence case

After five years of waiting and worrying, the physician was finally getting his day in court. Somehow, he felt both prepared and adrift, confident and anxious, frustrated and resigned. The suspense was palpable as the bailiff called the courtroom to order. Dr. Anderson was well aware that what happened in the days ahead had the potential to jeopardize his career—or vindicate him.

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Closing the Loop on Test Results

Diagnostic error is the number-one cause of malpractice claims and is estimated to add $100 billion in unnecessary costs to the healthcare system each year. Learn more about best practices and the steps involved in documenting tests, from order through monitored follow-up. 

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Wrap-around Services for Physicians Facing Litigation

The fear of being involved in medical-negligence litigation never truly goes away—and with good reason. No matter what the claim or its merit, any litigation can create a heavy burden on physicians, and we are here to help, with support that extends far beyond claim management and legal representation.

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Resource Hub

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Risk Management Enrichment

Our Resource Library provides hundreds of important documents, sample materials, and resources -- all at no additional cost. You’ll find resources such as:

HOT OFF THE PRESS! We develop guidance documents to assist our members in reducing exposures related to the delivery of medical care. Our newest include:

Course Spotlight

Being a Physicians Insurance member means access to complimentary education, some providing CME credit. Select from hundreds of courses across dozens of topics, such as:

  • The Legal Aspects of Documentation 
  • Writing Effective Incident Reports 
  • Best Practices in Suicide Screening and Assessment
  • SBIRT: Screening and Interventions for Individuals with Substance Use Issues

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Cyber Center

Consistent education can significantly reduce breach frequency. Check out the tip sheets and training available in our Cyber Center on phishing, password creation, W-2 fraud, medical record snooping, and more. 

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Bill Pay

To better understand your statement and determine the easiest ways to pay, view our new payment videos:

  • How to Read Your Statement
  • How to Pay Your Bill

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Welcome, New Members!

We look forward to sharing all our resources to help support you in the delivery of care. It is an honor to be of service to you. 

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Question of the Quarter

The surgical scalpel as we know it today was invented by the Bard-Parker Company and patented in 1915.  What was the inspiration and by whom?